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Falling in love with iconic Palm Springs, California mid-century modern design, the Solvana® Brewing essence pays homage to the Googie-themed, Atomic Age with energetic style, freeform creativity and whimsical warmth.  Our vision: to bring the sunny, 1950's futuristic aesthetic to Portland and pair with innovative craft beer recipes and award-winning styles. 

Why Solvana®?

Nirvana: noun, /nir-va-na/, | /nir-ˈvä-nə/ a. A place or state characterized by freedom from or oblivion to pain, worry and the external world


Del sol: noun, /del sōl/ a. Of the sun


Solvana®: noun, /sol-va-na/, | /sōl-ˈvä-nə/ a. Our place in the sun

Beautiful Torrey Pines

© 2018 J. Ward, All Rights Reserved

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